Training courses

General information about the courses

General course

Have you wanted to speak English or German for a long time, but always put off studying tomorrow?

It's time to start developing yourself and improve your English and Deutsch. Now is the time when you need to learn these two languages.

Foreign language course for children

Is your child spending more time on the phone?Is your child spending more time on the phone? Not to pull it away from the laptop?

Come on! We will make this time pass with benefit. We offer English and German language courses for children with a personalized approach to your child.

Course for beginners

Have you not studied English or German yet? Don't know the alphabet, can't write sentences, or have a small stock of words?

This is not a problem. We will teach you everything. Together with us you will speak for 3 months of intensive training. We will select for you the industries that are most relevant to you.

Course for the advanced

Do you already speak fluent German or English but do you think you need to improve constantly?

Then you are on the right track. We will support the development of your communication skills, provide you with broader knowledge and upgrade your skills.

For Work (IT, HR)

Are you working for an international company that expects you to have a good command of foreign languages ​​and have problems with them?

We will help you. You will master the areas that are necessary for your work, learn how to easily negotiate with clients, partners.

Business course

Do you run a successful business and want to learn Business English and Business German?

Do you want to become a company that requires knowledge of foreign languages ​​in business? We have created the most useful business course for you.

For tourists

Are you happy to travel, but do you lack the knowledge of foreign languages ​​to be sure?

Do you want to easily find common ground with Germans, Austrians, Swiss, British, Americans? Or just ask how to get to London Eye or Berliner Dom, where is the nearest supermarket, where is the bus stop and more? Then this course is exactly for you.

Corporate course

Are you a director of a company and want your employees to speak German and English?

We teach a whole group of employees! The topics for study, discussion and materials are selected individually depending on the type of activity of your company.

Course for communication with friends / foreigners

Do you correspond with foreign friends and constantly use a translator? Do you want to talk to your friends freely on the phone? Then this course is for you.

From us you will get interesting phrases that are used in correspondence and learn vocabulary for communication with friends.

Speaking with a native speaker

Do you already have a good command of English or German and want to practice communication skills with a native speaker?

Then you to us. Teachers from other countries cooperate with us to help you acquire the desired level of foreign language skills and teach you a living language.


What is the second most melodious language in the world? Of course Ukrainian.

Ukrainian is the official language in Ukraine, but it is still spoken in Belarus, Poland, Russia. It may be useful for you to communicate with your friends from Ukraine or if you want to study there. It's a great pleasure for us to teach Ukrainian language to foreigners with Ukrainian roots. We have prepared for you the most interesting Ukrainian course. Let's speak Ukrainian. (Говорімо українською!)


You still have doubts about learning Russian? You are not sure if it will be useful for you in the future, aren’t you? But believe me there are many reasons to learn Russian.

It is the 8th most spoken language in the world with around 200 million speakers in 16 countries. It is also learned as a second language in much of Eastern Europe. Around 150 million people live in Russia making it the 9th most populated country in the world.

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