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About our team

We know that grammar is taught in schools, children are forced to do many exercises, but at the same time, children leave school and cannot connect two words in a foreign language.

We know that classes are taught in groups where it is physically impossible to pay attention to all 10 students (or even more). In addition, in the courses you may be embarrassed to express your opinion, so someone else steals your opportunities.

We know that to commute to a tutor or to courses, you spend a lot of time (in large cities, commuting can take more than an hour)

We know that you spend your energy on wasting time, which you could spend on additional training, on vacation with friends and family.

Our values

Our team consists of young but experienced professionals.

Our core values are your knowledge, your time and your enjoyment of the learning process.

Our teachers are not only confident foreign language practitioners, but also interesting personalities with whom the lesson flies in an instant.

With our teachers you will plunge into the world of foreign culture.



Founder of the school and confident speaker of the German language.

Business course, course for tourists, for work

Mariana is a loyal teacher who easily approaches any person.

She will quickly and interestingly teach you spoken language, slang, readily explain difficult grammar. If you want to prepare for the relocation or your job requires a knowledge of foreign languages, Mariana will gladly help you and bring you from scratch to a sufficient level in six months of intensive study. In her view, true success can only be achieved through effort, effort and motivation.



Co-founder of the school, teacher

A course for tourists, for work, for children

If you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of England, learn a spoken vocabulary, feel like a student of London, then it is up to you to this teacher.

Irina will show you how to learn English easily and in the form of a game. Classes will fly by quickly and most importantly effectively.




Course for work, study abroad,conversational language

Lily will help you easily learn German and English. During the classes you can enjoy a friendly, interesting, creative atmosphere. Lily will prove that grammar, vocabulary, phraseology - it's interesting if you skillfully combine all the components of complex learning. We learn to apply the knowledge of language in life with confidence!

With Lily classes are cool, driving, interesting, creative, trendy and useful!

About teacher



Course for study abroad, work, moving, everyday vocabulary

Alyona is a teacher who easily finds an approach to each student. You can quickly and effectively improve your spoken German, easily understand German grammar and learn to understand native speakers. Alyona takes a comprehensive approach, focusing on what you need most. Training with Alona is effective and fun.

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