Frequently Asked Questions

- How is the lesson held?

Classes at NUMO are held on Skype. They are individual (although you can gather in groups, this question can be clarified with the school manager). The lesson lasts 50 minutes. The price depends on the chosen course.

- Can I get a trial lesson?

Of course yes. To start the first lesson, fill out the registration form. Indicate the name, surname, language that you want to learn and convenient time and date of the first lesson. After that, our manager will contact you to clarify the details.

- What textbooks are used?

We do not follow the standard textbook program. All materials are developed by our team. Before each lesson, the teacher provides you with the necessary material. All materials for students of our school are free.

- What technique do we use?

NUMO uses a communicative approach. Classes contain minimum amount of written assignments, and the basis of the lesson is communication and conversational practice. Even grammar assignments are held orally. You develop your writing skills while doing your homework. At the end of each lesson you will receive a task for mastering the material.

- What languages do we teach?

At the NUMO school, you can perfectly you can master German, English, Russian and Ukrainian.

- Why do people choose NUMO?

We use the best teaching methods for effective learning of foreign languages. With us you will not only know the language in theory, but also easily use it in practice.

We have the most positive teachers who will turn classes into pure pleasure. We have the fastest language learning results. Here you can study foreign languages anywhere in the world and at any time. Here - "You can do everything!"

Our first lesson is free,
so why not to try?